About Us

Hi I’m Diana and welcome to my site: www.dianashomemadecandles.com

My site is about Homemade Candles, most of which I have made myself.

On my site you will find information and insights about the different types of Homemade Candles, with the best and most up to date information available.

What you will expect to find on this site:

* A wide variety of information
* Insider Information about promotions, bargains and deals
* A site for lovers of Candles, Homemade Candles and Candle Information
* A top notch level of responsiveness to questions and feedback


I have strong relationships established with a variety brands and/or products which will assist you to make the best choice.

Confidence in Every Transaction

Every order placed through the online vendors is secure. I insure that all of your interactions will be processed quickly and responsibly. “Always read the online vendors Terms of Service and other terms before you purchase online as they will not be covered on the site.”

Your Personal Information Is Safe

All your information will remain safe and secure with this site. If your information is provided to me, it will “NOT” be sold or given to any third party. Refer to our Privacy Policy at: PRIVACY POLICY PAGE

Please browse around, check out my site on Homemade Candles and if you need to contact us about anything on this site you can use our contact form at: CONTACT US PAGE

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