Easy Candle Making at Home

Step By Step Easy Candle Making at Home

Easy candle making can be easy to achieve provided you have the essential items and follow these simple instructions.

When making ice candles, you can use a half-gallon container that contained maybe orange juice or even soymilk. Cut off the top so you can have an open container with the height you want your candle to have. Flip it over and make a very small hole preferably in the middle of the container using any sharp object that you may have. Take a wooden skewer and poke the hole to make it more visible.

The next step is to grab a wick that is waxed. A waxed wick is good as it does not get wet. You can get this from your nearest candle shop and make sure you purchase a wick that is suitable for your candle’s diameter. Measure it against the container and leave about three inches on the bottom and three inches on the top and cut the excess off. The remaining wick is what you are going to use to make your candle.

Insert the wick through the hole on your container all the way down. Grab your foam piece and poke a small hole through the center. You can use the skewer to make the hole visible. Insert the wick on the bottom part of your container through the hole on the foam piece. This will prevent the wax from leaking out through the bottom. Add the washer and make a knot to hold the foam piece in place.

The best set up to melt your wax is by putting the wax in a smaller pot and then immersing it in a bigger pot that contains water. It’s highly recommended you use an electric stove as a gas stove heats unevenly and can easily cause a fire. Do not put the smaller pot with the wax directly on the stove top. Adjust the temperatures according to the melting point of your candle.

You can use a Popsicle stick with a hole in the middle to hold the wick in place. Halfway fill the container with some chunks of ice. After the wax has melted, you can add some coloring to it by putting a small piece of wax dye which you can also get from a candle shop. Pour it all over the ice and let it stay still until it hardens. This can take hours. You can turn it upside down to make sure all the water leaks out. If you want your candle to have two colors, you can add the second color after it has hardened and then leave it still to harden again.

After it is completely hardened, remove the Popsicle stick and flip it over. Untie the knot instead of cutting it so u can have a longer wick. Remove the foam piece and the washer and tear the container as the candle doesn’t slip out easily. Cut off the extra wick on the bottom as you will not need it. Your easy candle making is over, and you have yourself a beautiful candle.

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