How to Make Scented Candles

Learn How to Make Scented Candles at Home

If you’ve ever wondered how to make scented candles on your own, the following few steps will answer your questions and potentially turn your home into an oasis of mesmerizing scents. Making scented candles is a fantastic way to have fun and enjoy the whole creative process as well. Homemade scented candles are in the long run cheaper than the ones you would buy. Moreover, you can pick the scents and colors yourself and make wonderful scented candles that can’t be found on the market. So, what kind of candles can you make? Well, the shape, the color and the scent combinations are virtually endless and limited only by your imagination.

The whole process is fairly easy (it’s broken down into a couple of steps) and all you really have to do is to read the “recipe” and follow the instructions. Learning how to make scented candles is very simple. A list of things you’ll need for this is: a candle wick, scissors, soy wax, a wick kit, candle making oil, candle dye chips, a hot plate, double boilers, a wooden spoon and a candle mold. The first thing you need to do is to place the boiler on the hot plate, put the soy wax in it and let it boil because you need the soy wax to be in a liquid form. After putting the soy wax in the boiler you need to stir it until it is completely melted.

When the soy wax is done, the next phase is to prepare the candle mold. The best kinds of molds to use are the metal ones. This is the important part because the mold determines the shape and size of your candle. Candle molds come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them usually have a small opening which is used to secure the candle wick to the mold, so it stays in place when you pour in the wax. Take the scissors and cut a bit of the candle wick (have it be about double the size of your mold). If you check out your wick kit, you will find a couple of important tools and pieces inside.

Now, secure the candle wick to bottom end of the candle mold. This is done by leading the candle wick through the bottom hole of the candle mold. After the candle wick is through, take the rubber wax seal and a metal washer, put them on the outer side of bottom hole and lead the candle wick through them. The last thing is to secure the wick with a knot. This is important because it keeps the liquid wax from leaking via the bottom hole.

The opposite end of the candle wick needs to be leaded through the center hole of the wick bar that holds your wick in place. Secure the wick tightly. Next, put some wax chips into the candle mold. This will help the ingredients to bind and also help the candles to cool faster. Now, it is time to add dye and aroma to the candle. You can get candle dyes in liquid, powder or block form. Take the second boiler and stir 1/8 of a cup of scented oil with color chips until melted. The last thing is to mix the wax with scented oil and color chips and pour the soy wax into your mold.

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After all is done, allow at least one day (24 hours) for the candle to cool down. When the wax has actually cooled down, all you have to do is to shorten the wick at the bottom side of the mold (leave enough room so you can light it later), remove the mold and voila, you have your first homemade scented candle! The best of all is that once you make a few candles of your own, you can share what you’ve learned and show your family and friends how to make scented candles of their own!

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