Which Type of Wax Candles

Which Type of Wax Candles Should you Buy?

Over the years I have loved to get candles for myself; however there have been many types of wax candles that have disappointed me. Maybe you have had the exact same experience and it usually is the issue of what the candle could be made of. In some cases you can get ones which are produced from paraffin wax and depending on the quality you may not be getting a great candle. They might be satisfactory and you might like them, however when if you spend good money on them, you may not be too happy with what you spent your hard earned cash on. That’s why you will find many people that enjoy to invest in bees wax or soy candles to brighten up their homes.

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You may find that the paraffin candles can be quite greasy on the outside. It sometimes comes down to you buy a cheap candle; you get what you have paid for. The additional the higher priced ones are usually better, and that’s what you will find with bees wax or soy wax candles. When you are looking for these types of was candles, look for one particular hundred percent bees or soy wax. These candles are the cleanest types of burning candles on the market and wick will not give off a good deal of soot and fumes.

Some beeswax candles which happen to be nothing more than a paraffin candle that is stamped to seem such as honeycomb. You’ll want to look closely at the ingredients label and see just what you are buying. Some candle producers will take genuine bees wax and melt it and then pour the candle, others may just roll up sheets and incorporate a wick. If it has been made right, you are likely to have a well made candle.

Melting Bees Wax

These days I hardly ever buy paraffin candles, except when I need a pillar candle as they are mainly made in paraffin. I have found that soy and beeswax candles are a far better choice, if you invest in them. Most people will tell you that they are worth the value and are a lot cleaner to burn. They are available in lots of colors and quite a few scents. You’ll have a longer, cleaner burning candle, and also you might be quite happy with them to get a lengthy time to come. These make good gifts as well, and for anyone who is thinking of making their own wax candles, I personally use a good quality soy wax.

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